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About me page, This may be boring, but has to be done.

 "Or so I am told"!

When I first started in 2016 for friends and family, I had just got my first cutting machine, these are called laser cutters. I set it all up after about 2 months of trying! Yes it did take me that long. Anyway i found a nice man who only lived up the road, who knew how to line them all up for me. so i paid him to line it up for me. and again, and again, now he tries his best to ignore me when ever he can!

I finally managed to get to grips with it myself, and learn how to make designs on my computer, then bring them to life on the machine. I was feeling wonderful at this point. And all my family got home made gifts so saved me money at christmas too! ( Bonus )!

Once i had a nice portfolio set up with a few photos  of the art i had made, i made a facebook page called WaggysDesigns  and things went from strength to strength. I bought another machine. Made my poor hubby build me a shed outside 17ft by 7 ft, to hold these beasts! "I must say its cold out there in winter. Uk is very wet, windy and when its cold, its very cold.

once money started to roll in, I decided to splash out on an even bigger machine, making that 3 all together! this one is 6" by 5" so its huge, i use it for my desk as well as cutting out larger items. 

Now having a little portfolio I have now built a website to place all my products up for sale on the world wide web.

This is what i made for the outside of my shed.

Waggys cave on a large chunk of wood slice! this is stuck just where my door is. and people who see it, just laugh, and say "we know whos that cave is ,don't we?"

At the moment, i do Mostly anything people ask me to do! ell within reason that is! but if you are looking for something, But can't seem to just quite find it? then give me a shout. [email protected] You never know, i may be able to make your dreams come true!

Thanks for reading this, and have a great waggy day! x

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